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Facet baguette™

They say that sewing is good for the soul….
we say a stitch in time might just help save the planet.

We firmly believe that it’s critical to respect the environment in all we do. Sustainability is fundamental to how we operate. Whether it involves composting all our kitchen waste for the gardens or eliminating all toxic chemicals from our facility, it’s a given. We repurpose outdoor banners into carpet tile boxes and donate our left over giveaways and supplies to schools and local charities. Our goal is to reduce our waste to as near net zero as possible, even if it means a little more time and effort – which generally it does.

It’s a tragic fact that the trade show industry in North America is the second largest producer of waste after the construction Industry. Over 600,000 tons of trash are sent to the landfill every year from the largest Convention Centers with no consideration for the environment or the impact on the next generation. At Facet we don’t accept this situation.

Respect the environment in all we do.

Our Facet baguette™ online store will be opening soon.

For details on about our range of reusable packaging for your exhibit, display, AV and event business contact Christine Ellis  or Jeanette Wicks +1.248.912.0800.

The Facet Baguette™ story

We think it’s an idea worth sharing.

“It began on the trade show floor in Orlando. After spending the entire afternoon wrapping 50 sets of 36” long individual light fixtures from our Australian pavilion, I thought there had to be a better way. Arriving back home, I pulled out the sewing machine and created a long bag to fit the light fixture. The only material I had to hand was light brown and it reminded me of a baguette.”
– Christine Ellis, CEO.

From this small idea, we have since developed a custom line of reusable bags under the Facet baguette trade mark for trade show and event displays, furniture and accessories. The entire line is designed and sewn in house at our facility in Michigan. Our mission is to help Take the Trash Out of TRAde SHows.

Most companies in our industry use foam, plastic shrink wrap and tape to wrap furniture and trade show properties before shipping to a show or an event. The packing materials are tossed on the floor and more packing materials are used to repack and are then discarded back at the warehouse. Here at Facet, our custom made Facet baguettes™ have significantly reduced our need for packaging materials and support our ongoing goal to achieve near net zero waste.

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